BGF is a 21st century multi gaming clan. We pride ourselves on our sence of fun and fairplay, so come join us and have fun.


The Half-Life mod Day of Defeat was released to the public on the 13th of January 2001 the very next day [*BGF*]"Blackadder goes forth" was formed. [*BGF*] was created by two Half-Life mad individuals.Boldrick & Captain Darling. They had a strong vision of what their clan was to be like. [*BGF*] was intended to be a skilled clan with an emphasis on fun and fair play. With the help of Boldrick's shinny new 600k NTL connection we even had our own server, a modest 8 man, but our own server none the less. [*BGF*]'s first full time member was Storm or Firestorm as he was know back then.

[*BGF*] almost died in June 2002, Boldrick had to leave the clan for personal reasons, leaving us without a leader. Storm decided that [*BGF*] was far too good a clan to let go, so with the support of Br4ss and Timberwolf he became clan leader. He was left with the task of rebuilding the clan to its former glory. For the first time in over a year [*BGF*] found it's self without a server or even forums. Storm with support from a very friendly clan [GNVQ] got forums up and running. A new website followed soon after, that left a server. Dodo came to our rescue, joining in June 2002 and bringing with him a 12 man server run from his son's computer. This gave us the time we needed to recruit new members and lease a new full time server.

[*BGF*] basic qualities still thrive today in the ever growing community which is Day of Defeat. [*BGF*] has seen the transition from beta to full release and is looking forward to the transition to Source. We will continue to be visible in the UK DoD arena and I hope continue this for many years to come. [*BGF*] has a current player count of 26. All of which are very much aware of there responsibility to maintain our "fun and fair play" way of playing DoD.

UPDATE: [*BGF*] is now ewbarking on a new place in the gaming comunity as a multigaming clan.